PRESS RELEASE 09.09.2021

HIISI wins “Best Stout in Finland” for the fifth year in a row!

“HIISI domination continues for the fifth year in a row!”

Best Stout In Finland


The results of the Best Beer In Finland -competition came out in Vantaa (Great Beers, Small Breweries -event) on Thursday 09.09.2021. HIISI’s Ikiiurso Bourbon Barrel Aged (12,0%) came out on top for the fourth year running (2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021), which was preceded by Iku-Turso in 2017, also by HIISI.

The Best Beer In Finland -competition is one of seven competitions that are certified by the European Consumer Union (EBCU). The competition is conducted as a blind tasting. Other Certified competitions include the European Beer Star, World Beer Cup, Birra dell’Anno, Brussels Beer Challenge, Dutch Beer Challenge, and Austrian Beer Challenge.



HIISI-champions in the competition now include:

Ikiiurso Imperial Stout, 2021

Ikiiurso Imperial Stout, 2020

Ikiiurso Imperial Stout, 2019

Rakki Forestfinnish Pale Ale, 2019

Ikiiurso Imperial Stout, 2018

Iku-Turso Imperial Stout, 2017

More info:

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