White Grape Sour

Blending a puddle to create a disaster,
Lempo knows hunters – knows what they’re after,
drinking its potions, even thirstiest laughter
turns to regret, leaving one salty thereafter.

Lempo is a refreshing, fruity and slightly foresty sour ale. Sip it cool
(8-12°C) with some cream cheese baguette, or something sweet if you like. Play Izzy Bizy – Sweat.

  • vegaani
  • gluteeniton
  • juusto
  • broileri
  • kala
  • seurustelu

White Grape Sour

15 IBU

alc. 3,5% vol.

10 EBC


Water, Barley Malt, White Wine Grape, Yuzu, Hops, Yeast.


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