Still Real Cider

Puristus is a product with a purpose.

We want to increase the appreciation of Finnish cider. In addition, we hope to increase the awareness of, and reduce, the waste that occurs in our backyards (unused apples). For Puristus, we’ve collected the apples by hand with the kind help of locals.

There is nothing added in the product, so everything found inside the bottle comes from our genuine and wonderful raw material, i.e. the Finnish apple.

We curate batches of cider from the apples we collect and ferment them entirely by the wild yeasts living on the surface of the apples. The product is also not carbonated (still, tyyni), but as it matures over time, the wild yeasts can cause a slight fizz in the cider. Even so, the authenticity remains.

Do you know of any apples that you can’t seem to find a use for? Would you like to include them in our project? We’re primarily looking for apples in Central Finland, but we are happy to hear information from other places as well, especially if there’s a bit more of them.

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Hinta: 6,90 

  • vegaani
  • gluteeniton
  • juusto
  • varras
  • taco
  • seurustelu

Still Real Cider


alk. 6,0% vol

12 EBC




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