Local Lager

“A gentle burble wakes up the village,
a gleam in their eyes as they witness the spillage.
“Time to go gather” the elders then say,
“hops that’re ripe smell like beer’s on the way”.”

The aroma hops for Nyrö were picked from the village of Nyrölä and thereabouts. The malts are 100% local too and come from Räihä in Koskenpää. Enjoy cooled (8-10c) and listen to the fresh, gentle burble of village springs as you pour. Add “Aavaa Preeriaa” to your playlist.

  • vegaani
  • juusto
  • varras
  • broileri
  • kala

Local Lager

20 IBU

alc. 5,2% vol.



Water, Barley Malt, Hops, Yeast.


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