Barley Wine

“Kouko casts a heavenly gaze,
looks for a tree, and the drink that remains.
Hongas delivers, and calmly it stays
to read the forefather the end of its days.”

Kouko is a big, piney Barley Wine infused with rye, spruce tips and honey. Enjoy slightly cooled (10-12°C) and deep in thought, as this beer is a true “slow sipper”. Works well with game or casseroles. Musical inspiration behind this beer was the Hexvessel album “All Tree”.

  • makkara
  • varras
  • riista
  • pataruuat

Barley Wine

95 IBU

alc. 10,5% vol.

39 EBC


Water, Malted Barley, Malted Rye, Honey, Hops, Spruce Tips, Yeast.


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